Melissa’s new book *Feel Good*

Hello, Melissa here! Please say hello to my new cookbook… FEEL GOOD :  100 quick and easy recipes to bring a bit of comfort and joy into our kitchens and beyond. Coming 2nd June 2022! FEEL GOOD  is all about exploring how food and cooking makes us feel. Comforted, connected, energised, calmer, grounded, satisfied and soothed and more. I’ve been so excited to share this with you, I’ve been squirreling away on it for the last 2 years and here it is. FEEL GOOD FOOD  is how I’ve long described how I like to cook end eat at home. More and more of us are cooking with both our mental and physical health in mind. So these are my favourite recipes that help me feel supported. Recipes that I turn to when I’m low on energy and want to feel brighter. Recipes that are so easy that they are a joy to cook and make me feel more confident. Food that helps me feel calmer and more grounded and big sharing recipes for when friends come over and I want to spoil them and show them love but also I want to

Jasmine’s 18 Christmas Recipes for a Festive Table

Christmas is such a magical time for your kitchen. It’s a time to tap into your family’s traditions, while also leaving plenty of room to get creative! I love exploring fresh takes on old classics this time of year, and so far my guests and I have enjoyed them all — with some real keepers that are now on the demand list!!! Here I’ve rounded up my favourites from over the years — I hope you’ll feel inspired for your festive spread.


Roasted Sweet Potato Wreath With Festive Filling

Nothing says Christmas party like a wreath! This one is made with sweet potato slices and filled with a pilaf/salad/stuffing idea of black rice and Puy lentils tossed together with some aromatics and chestnuts and cranberries. An absolute showstopper of a centrepiece.

Caramelised Beetroot, Red Onion & Pecan Tart With a Quinoa Almond Crust

Drumroll, please! Introducing a vegan main dish that’s as beautiful as it is delicious — a vision in pinks and purples, sweet, salty, hearty and gluten-free, too. *swoon*

Pickled Red Cabbage With Hazelnuts and Griddled Apple

This vinegary, tangy side dish makes a very welcome fresh addition to your mains. Make it a week in advance to let the flavours amalgamate and save yourself some of the stress of getting everything together on Christmas morning!

Ginger Cranberry Chutney

Cranberry sauce has got an Ayurvedic upgrade with this one — offsetting the sweet sourness of cranberries with a ginger kick, serve it with your turkey, nut roast or whatever else your pièce de résistance may be!

Chestnut Sage and Apricot Stuffing Balls

This delicious stuffing features all the staple festive tastes, but is vegetarian or vegan so everyone can enjoy it!

Fennel Rub & Gravy

Rub your roast turkey, cauliflower or tempeh with this fragrant fennel mix, and serve it with a rich umami gravy that can be made with or without a meat roast. Mmh.

Honey Mustard Carrot and Cabbage Green Ribbons With Mustard Seeds

If your oven is always chocka come Christmas day, this side is for you! It’s a tasty veggie stir-fry you can put together in minutes and makes a lovely alternative to your classic roast carrots — and keeping honey strictly uncooked is an Ayurvedic must.

Parsnip, Chilli & Maple Cornbread

Roast parsnips may not be a favourite in your household, but I can assure you this cornbread will be. I added this American classic with a twist to my Christmas table a couple years ago and I must say it was a pretty great idea.

Boxing Day Soup

This is my other half’s mum Ro’s soup for the 26th — made from leftovers, this is so nourishing and delicious. Exactly what you need if you’ve indulged the day before.


Christmas Carrot Cake

This Gujarati-inspired take on a classic Christmas fruitcake was approved by self-proclaimed Christmas cake experts Nick and my best friend Sjaniel, so I think you’ll love it too. It can be made vegan, as well, so it’s great for the whole family.

Christmas Tree Gingerbread Cookies With Sesame Sprinkles

It’s a biscuit AND a festive eco tree decoration! What more could you want?? Plus, as far as decorative gingerbread goes, these are easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

Clementine and Star Anise Jaggery Marmalade

A marmalade that reminds me of my dad, this recipe includes the beautifully fragrant star anise and is great on French toast, ice cream and pudding! Or serve it with your main course, chutney-style.

All-Things-Spice Carrot Crunch Biccies

A ginger snap made with fresh carrots and a lovely blend of spices, these are sugar and spice and all things nice.

Chai Spiced Cranberry Cookies

Packed with the flavours of Christmas, these are perfect for keeping around the house or packing up in a pretty box to bring to friends, family and neighbours.

Tea, Rose & Cardamom Giant Mince Pie

You’ve heard of mince pies, but have you heard of the giant mince pie?? This one is infused with the delicate flavours of tea, rose and cardamom for a taste sensation.


Fruity Firestarter Mocktail

I don’t drink often, but I do like to have something a bit special on Christmas eve and other occasions. I came up with this non-alcoholic cocktail that’s sweet and spicy and comes in two declinations — the Refresher and the Relaxer, both of which will help you digest a bigger-than-usual festive meal.

Ginger, Lime and Salt Fire Starter

A super quick, super easy mixture to nibble on before your big meal to get your digestive fire going, especially if you’re not feeling that hungry beforehand.

Candied Fennel Seeds

Eaten throughout India as a post meal refresher, not only do these sweet fennel seeds clean the teeth and tastebuds and lend a fragrant end to the meal, but they’re also known for toning the digestive system and enhancing Agni, or digestive fire.


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