Melissa’s new book *Feel Good*

Hello, Melissa here! Please say hello to my new cookbook… FEEL GOOD :  100 quick and easy recipes to bring a bit of comfort and joy into our kitchens and beyond. Coming 2nd June 2022! FEEL GOOD  is all about exploring how food and cooking makes us feel. Comforted, connected, energised, calmer, grounded, satisfied and soothed and more. I’ve been so excited to share this with you, I’ve been squirreling away on it for the last 2 years and here it is. FEEL GOOD FOOD  is how I’ve long described how I like to cook end eat at home. More and more of us are cooking with both our mental and physical health in mind. So these are my favourite recipes that help me feel supported. Recipes that I turn to when I’m low on energy and want to feel brighter. Recipes that are so easy that they are a joy to cook and make me feel more confident. Food that helps me feel calmer and more grounded and big sharing recipes for when friends come over and I want to spoil them and show them love but also I want to

Melissa’s 10 Spring Weekend Recipes

spring easter melissa hemsley

Hello, Melissa here, sharing 10 of my absolute favourite Springtime recipes to enjoy over the long weekend or whenever you please.  I’ve picked these out especially as they are all simple, cheerful and based on easy to get ingredients like seasonal veg, popular cupboard items and frozen produce too.


1. Chocolate Clusters
Totally flexible chocolate bites – inspired by the rice krispie clusters that my Mum never let me have! Use whatever you have to hand in your cupboards; coconut flakes / seeds / chopped nuts work really well too. And look out for fairtrade chocolate.
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asparagus spring

2. Asparagus Tray Bake
This one pan tray bake makes use of frozen peas, broad beans or edamame if you have it in your freezer and if you can’t get asparagus yet, swap for broccoli of any kind or greens you already have.
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spring recipes

3. NEW: Broccoli & quinoa salad with pickled pink onions
I love this with quinoa or lentils but if you’ve got rice or pearl barley that works too.

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spring tart telegraph

4. NEW: Spring Veg & Feta Tart
This Spring Veg & Feta Tart just went live as part of my monthly column for the Telegraph magazine – you will absolutely love this and leftovers will keep for a few days too.

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melissa hemsley spinach pancakes food waste

5.  Spinach Pancakes with Asparagus
Made with chickpea flour (also known as gram flour) this is a cheap and readily available flour and is super versatile.

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fennel apple halloumi melissa hemsley food waste

6. A Simple Elegant Salad
Halloumi keeps very well in the fridge and this is lovely with apples or pears. If you’ve got any apples turning a little brown, then add them in to this to stop them going to waste.

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7. Spring Minestrone
Minestrone is one of my all time favourite soups and this brings it all the colour and freshness of Spring in.

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blueberry pancakes melissa hemsley

8. Lemon Blueberry Pancakes
Using porridge oats and ripe bananas and frozen berries, this pancake recipe brings lots of cheer.

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spring easter

9. Cheesy Pea Risotto
This is inspired by a risotto but you can use quinoa or buckwheat or maybe you have pearl barley or something else to use up? Add kale/rocket/spinach/wild garlic/any greens are perfect.
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spring melissa hemsley

10. Iced Teas & Mocktails
Stay hydrated (& avoid waste) by using up herbs, herb stems & herbal teas for these iced teas & mocktails. Peel ribbons of veg, slice wedges of fruit and use their peel.
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