Belly-Warming Baking With Jasmine

Food from the oven serves two purposes in winter: first keeping your belly warm from the inside out with freshly baked, roasted or braised home cooking, and second keeping you cosy with the the heat kicking out from the oven while you prep. When you’re done, keep the oven door open to cool and pop a dish of water in, then leave the oven door open to cool. Your kitchen will get a little steamy, which is excellent for a centrally heated home — introducing some much needed moisture back into the atmosphere. Here are some ideas to get your kitchen (and belly!) fired up.Buckwheat Apple Skillet CakeA beautiful breakfast — perfect for the season.Caramelised Beetroot, Red Onion and Pecan Tart With a Quinoa-Almond CrustMy Christmas centrepiece for 2018, this delicious tart works all year round. Serve with steamed winter greens in the cold weather and a crisp salad come summer.Caramelised Orange and Pistachio Mung Dal CakeOranges are a blast of sunshine from neighbouring southern Europe in the …



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