Melissa’s new book *Feel Good*

Hello, Melissa here! Please say hello to my new cookbook… FEEL GOOD :  100 quick and easy recipes to bring a bit of comfort and joy into our kitchens and beyond. Coming 2nd June 2022! FEEL GOOD  is all about exploring how food and cooking makes us feel. Comforted, connected, energised, calmer, grounded, satisfied and soothed and more. I’ve been so excited to share this with you, I’ve been squirreling away on it for the last 2 years and here it is. FEEL GOOD FOOD  is how I’ve long described how I like to cook end eat at home. More and more of us are cooking with both our mental and physical health in mind. So these are my favourite recipes that help me feel supported. Recipes that I turn to when I’m low on energy and want to feel brighter. Recipes that are so easy that they are a joy to cook and make me feel more confident. Food that helps me feel calmer and more grounded and big sharing recipes for when friends come over and I want to spoil them and show them love but also I want to

Starting a Routine : Fitness Goals for 2019

Reaching your fitness goals for 2019

It's a New Year, and if your reading this more than likely your looking for a new you. Is 2019 your year to get back in shape. Find your motivation with these simple steps. Why do you want to start a fitness routine? Are you looking for ways to relieve stress?  Would you like to trim down that extra weight or do you simply feel your health slipping away? Lets review a few key point so you can decide for yourself.

Anything we do requires motivation. Let's look at what motivation really is.
- Finding a purpose 
- Realizing your desires
-Surround yourself
- Taking action

Even the most ambitious can find it difficult to stay motivated. We all struggle sticking to our goals. If we stay focused its amazing what we can achieve. When you find your motivation, and stay focused on your goals. Visualize the results you have set for yourself. Surround yourself with peoples energy that will help make a big impact on your journey, and will make you want to stay focused on your goals that you have set. Stay organized with your goals, and make sure to break them down one at a time. Just remember don't worry about what you can not control. Things happen so don't let that become a distraction. Shrug it off and move on!

Relieving Stress
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Looking to relieve stress through fitness? Exercise increases your overall health and sense of well-being. Put more pep in your step every day. Exercise also has some direct stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins. 
Physical activity also contributes to the bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. This all means a much happier you. Concentrate less on looks and more on the emotional.

Fat Loss

You gain fat because of unhealthy eating or having low number of meals in a day because your body stores the foods in form of fat for energy release. Getting rid of the stubborn fat in your body requires a good diet chart with proper ratio of proteins, fats, carbs and number of meals. In order to properly dispose of stubborn fat, a balanced diet is important. 

There are multiple ways we can accumulate fat. However, each area attracts build up of fat in its own unique way.

Fat in the stomach area is the result of empty calories and fat from food. Some belly fat is close to the surface, which can be addressed surgically, while some fat exists deep within the belly. The only way to reduce this kind of fat is by losing weight with exercise and a balanced diet. 

 Fat that accumulates on the thighs and hip area is some of the hardest to target. Genetics and gender are strong components in thigh fat-particularly the inner thighs. We burn fewer calories with age and the fat settling in our thighs is thicker, which can lead to a less-defined figure. 

While your genes are partially to blame for fat that accumulates in your butt, your body shape is also responsible. Pear-shaped bodies tend to carry extra weight in the butt. If your butt is too small to bear extra fat, it may appear larger than it actually is. 

Fat accrues in the arms because of too much weight gain overall. The arms are often one of the last parts of the body to gain weight because they contain fewer fat cells-fat gets stored there when there is nowhere else for it to go. Once the fat is deposited in the arms, they can become saggy and flabby. 

Lumps and rolls that appear on the upper back and around the bra line can be bothersome and hard to disguise. Not wearing a properly fitted bra can also cause the look of unsightly back fat. When the back band is too tight or ill-fitting, it can create a bulge because the fabric is digging into the skin.

Health Deterioration 

Heart disease, hardening of the arteries, and atherosclerosis are all conditions that can develop from this. ... Because exercise helps to keep blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels , about 35 percent of heart disease deaths are due to lack of exercise. Deprivation  of exercise can cause many problems both physical and mental such as obesity, eating disorder, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gallstones, and many other health problems.

So start writing down your  fitness goals, and to be a happier you! I promise that you will feel pumped to start working on goals one at a time. Find work outs that best suite you. Just simply take 30 minutes out of each day, don't have much time split up your sessions 10 minutes  3 times a day. Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated! Stay active!
 You will feel great! hydration is important when working out. Start a warm up routine first before start, then after your done working out, do some cool down routines to help relax your muscles.


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