Jasmine’s 5 Valentine’s Day Bakes You’ll Love

If there was ever a brilliant excuse to do something a little special in lockdown, it has to be Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re baking for your sweetheart at home or want to deliver a lovely treat to your nearest and dearest, I’ve rounded up some ideas to brighten up your weekend. Lemon Basil Almond Drizzle Cake This cake is a firm favourite from East by West (page 95). This is a lighter take on a classic lemon drizzle, with a beautiful freshness from the basil. It’s made using a base of ground almonds and tapioca. Chocolate Raspberry Muffin Volcanoes The ultimate Valentine’s Day recipe, these muffin volcanoes are ooey-gooey and oh so delicious. They are not too sweet but just sweet enough thanks to sticky jam and dark chocolate. I make these using a gluten-free flour mix. Blackberry Apple Ginger Buckwheat Cake A mouthwatering cake that’s vegan and gluten-free — what more could you ask for? Delicious for a special breakfast hot out the oven or an afternoon tea, I love the t

Melissa’s Cupboard Cooking Recipes

Cooking from my cupboards is absolutely one of my favourite ways to soothe my worries. And now more than ever is it time to dig around in our cupboards and use the ingredients we’ve probably already got to make something delicious and waste-free. So keep scrolling for 6 recipes using store cupboard staples or freezer favourites that, like you, might need some love right now. Including 2 of the best working from home snacks! These can all be doubled, frozen and saved for another day!

Also, if you’re not sure what to cook from the ingredients you have at home, you can type in an ingredient in my website search bar (top right of the homepage) and lots of recipes will come up which might tickle your tastebuds!

If you need a bit of guidance on how to even start sorting your cupboards and cook money-saving meals from what you’ve already got then read here for my top tips.

Got a few tins of beans and lentils to use? Anything goes here and this makes enough to feed a whole street! So get freezing and saving for a rainy day. This is SUCH an easy recipe and really anything you’ve got would work in this. GET THE RECIPE.

Got Frozen Peas & greens that need using?
This is inspired by a risotto but you can use quinoa or buckwheat or maybe you have pearl barley or something else to use up?
Add kale/rocket/spinach/wild garlic/any greens are perfect. GET THE RECIPE

Got chickpeas & coconut milk in your cupboard and root veg to use up?
This 30 minute cheerful chickpea stew is a wonderful one pot dinner and uses ingredients you might already have in your cupboards. It’s inspired by the great Alison Roman’s *special stew* which I made lots earlier this year with celeriac and works really well if you have any parsnips, potatoes or root veg to use up. GET THE RECIPE.

Got Frozen Peas + olive oil? Make this 5 minute dip. Also works with frozen broad beans or edamame too. An old picture and recipe that I always forget about but it’s highly dippable and I hope you enjoy dipping in it or spreading it on stuff. GET THE RECIPE


Got tahini, nut butter and some choc to use up? Make these! It’s no surprise that this is one of my most made & loved recipes from my new cookbook *Eat Green*. They are super simple to make, take 25 mins & are the best afternoon tea break snack poss! GET THE RECIPE.
(pic by Catherine Frawley)

This is the easiest recipe in the world and my favourite way to use up odds & ends of nuts/seeds/chocolate in my cupboards. Another one of everyone’s favourites from *Eat Green*. GET THE RECIPE IN *EAT GREEN*

Let’s keep cooking & connecting with each other! Tag me in your recipes on Instagram @melissa.hemsley
And if you’re on the hunt for more store-cupboard staple and zero waste recipes, head to my website www.melissahemsley.com

Melissa x


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