Melissa’s Soup Toppings you’ll love

  As a self-confessed soup lover, I am always looking for ways to add extra flavour, crunch and excitement to my soup. So here are 5 ways you can spruce up yours: 1. Halloumi Croutons:   not technically “croutons” as there’s no bread involved but these are delicious cubes of crispy fried halloumi. Simply chop, fry in a little butter or oil & cook to your desired crispiness.  Get the recipe. 2. Make a fridge raid herby drizzle:  Whizz up any herbs or left over salad leaves you’ve got that need some love with some olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice & a little salt in a blender & drizzle on.  Try this recipe. 3. Roast some veggies:  Depending on what soup you’re making, you might like to roast a little of what you’re using for ultimate texture & flavour on top. I love roasting kale or any discarded cauliflower leaves for extra crunch.  Try this. 4. A drizzle of olive oil/yoghurt/kefir:  I love adding extra swirls to my soups and particularly

Melissa’s 10 Veggie, Comforting & Budget-friendly Recipes

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Hey everyone, Melissa here!

Cooking from our cupboards is an easy way to save money, waste less & make something delicious quickly. Here are 10 easy, comforting & speedy recipes for everyone. They’re family and flat mate friendly so feel free to double any recipes to feed all, or if you’re cooking for 1, they’re easily adaptable to scale back or to freeze in portions for a rainy day (your future self will definitely thank you for it).
If you don’t have the exact ingredients, don’t worry, use any veg you have or feel free to mix things up.
And if you’re looking for more tips on how to cook from your store-cupboards and make your money go further read here.

Monday Minestroneminestrone melissa hemsleyMinestrone is such childhood comfort for me. Here’s my recipe inspired by the OG Italian minestrone but it’s always a bit different each time, depending on what I have that needs using and it always has cheese on top. I like making it on a ‘zapped out day’ as it’s easy to get a good dose of veg in.  Get the recipe.

Harissa Chickpea & Kale Stew

Ready in 20 minutes, I like to make a batch of this and have it for lunch the next day. Swap in any leafy greens you like/have already. Get the recipe.

Any Bean Any Lentil Chillilentil bean chilli melissa hemsleyAny Lentil & Any Bean Chilli to feed your household! This is SO EASY & makes 10+ portions so you can happily make a big batch and freeze for another day. This is great if you have any tins of beans in your cupboards that you can put to good use, and any lentils work here too.  Get the recipe.

Cheering Celeriac & Chickpea Coconut Stew

chickpea stew cupboard cookingThis 30 minute cheerful chickpea stew is a wonderful one pot dinner and uses ingredients you might already have in your cupboards. Add in any root veg you have or can get your hands on. Get the recipe.

Pea Pesto Pasta

kale pea food waste melissa hemsleyThis Cashew, Kale, Garlic & Pea Pasta Sauce is the ultimate feel-good, comforting and creamy green sauce. It’s smooth and creamy from the nuts and makes for a lovely vegan pasta sauce. But if like me, you fancy cheese on top, I grated lots of parmesan on at the end. Get the recipe.

Comforting Cauliflower Lentil Stew

lentil, cauliflower, waste-free, zero wasteCosy, comforting and less waste, this Red Lentil Stew with Roasted Cauliflower and crispy cauli leaves with zesty Zhoug dolloped on top is the ultimate warming dish. Make your food go further but not wasting the cauliflower leaves – they make the crispiest, crunchiest topping when roasted.
Get the recipe.

Quick Coconut Lentils

Pickled onions makes everything better and this is a fast, cheap and cheerful dinner. Red lentils are tender in less than 20 minutes so they are always on standby at mine. Pop any leftovers in the freezer so you’ve always got something lovely to look forward to. Get the recipe.

Store Cupboard Bean SoupThis Kale & Bean Soup is a simple store cupboard hearty soup in just 20 minutes & is also vegan if you use coconut oil instead of ghee. Feel free to add any other veggies you like. Get the recipe.

20 Minute Chickpea Stew
Using store cupboard staples and spinach from the freezer, this Seville-inspired stew from ‘Eat Happy’ comes together in under 20 minutes and is a hit with everyone. Get the recipe.

Parsnip Dahl

eat green parsnip dahlThis is ideal to make at the end of the weekend with any leftover root veg that didn’t make it into the Sunday roast. It will set you up nicely for Monday’s dinner – just reheat and top with the onions and yoghurt and either freeze the rest or enjoy later in the week. Get the recipe.

One Pan Chickpea Shakshuka

So tasty & super simple, this Chickpea Shakshuka is one pan and great for any meal of the day. This is everything you love about traditional shakshuka but made vegan, so everything without the eggs! Instead, you get lovely smokey, saucy chickpeas. Get the recipe.

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Melissa x



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