Melissa’s Soup Toppings you’ll love

  As a self-confessed soup lover, I am always looking for ways to add extra flavour, crunch and excitement to my soup. So here are 5 ways you can spruce up yours: 1. Halloumi Croutons:   not technically “croutons” as there’s no bread involved but these are delicious cubes of crispy fried halloumi. Simply chop, fry in a little butter or oil & cook to your desired crispiness.  Get the recipe. 2. Make a fridge raid herby drizzle:  Whizz up any herbs or left over salad leaves you’ve got that need some love with some olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice & a little salt in a blender & drizzle on.  Try this recipe. 3. Roast some veggies:  Depending on what soup you’re making, you might like to roast a little of what you’re using for ultimate texture & flavour on top. I love roasting kale or any discarded cauliflower leaves for extra crunch.  Try this. 4. A drizzle of olive oil/yoghurt/kefir:  I love adding extra swirls to my soups and particularly

Jasmine’s 6 Ways to Connect to Nature This Spring

After a long winter season spent indoors, I couldn’t be happier to see the spring in full swing and summer firmly on its way. Spring is a really magical time of year, and an important transition period according to the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda. Spring is the season of new beginnings and growth, easily visible as bulbs start to appear after many months’ rest underground. Thanks to the warmer days and longer evenings, it’s also the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature at a time when many would say it’s at its most beautiful, and definitely at its most inspiring. Ahead of Earth Day on 22nd April, I’m sharing some of my go-to practices and daily habits that help me tune into Mother Nature and bring me back into balance if I’m feeling overwhelmed or disconnected.

Walk barefoot

Imagine it — warm sand or cool pebbles underfoot, or the feel of fresh dewy grass. It’s pure bliss, isn’t it? In Ayurveda, this practice is known as “earthing,” and modern science has proven its many benefits, too. Walking barefoot every day — in your garden or your local park — can help you feel your best, and is a very tangible way to connect with the Earth.

Surround yourself with plants

I always say that “we are nature, we are of nature.” And these days we have access to a whole science around it to “prove it” — “biophilia” designates the innate connection humans have with nature, and explains why proximity to nature improves our general wellbeing, as well as productivity and speed of learning, while reducing stress and the intensity of pain. There are many ways to surround yourself with nature — by having houseplants and pets in your home for instance, or by getting stuck into some gardening. And of course a quick walk in your local park always works as a pick-me-up too — if you don’t have a pet consider Borrow My Doggy and combine the best of both!!

Use natural materials around your home

Plants aren’t the only way to bring nature into your home — natural materials can also make you feel closer to the Earth. Think cork yoga mats, natural scents, bamboo kitchen roll, crystal gua sha tools and so much more! Tickle your senses: As well as their innate beauty, enjoy their touch, smell and sound — the perfect antidote to a world gone plastic!

Eat seasonally

What better way to feel at one with nature than through our plates? Eating seasonally and locally if poss not only benefits the planet — thanks to the need for less transportation for example — but also supports your digestion! The planet knows what we need to eat each season to feel our best, if only we learn to listen.

Rise with the sun

In Ayurveda, rising and sleeping with the sun — waking at dawn and winding down at dusk — is understood to promote overall wellbeing. Think about going on a technology-free camping trip and feeling sleepy at 8 o’clock! When we’re not so constantly surrounded with stimulation, we instinctively mimic the elements around us.

Make small eco-friendly lifestyle changes

Connecting with the Earth also means being kind to it! If you’re looking for new ways to support the planet’s health, try switching to a greener energy company or start using Ecosia as your search engine (it plants trees for every search!!), for example. Definitely get creative here!

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